Approximate Target

Approximate Target

Enter the World of Remote Control Killing

Carol Anne Grayson, a victim of US collateral damage, is invited by Imran Khan (cricketer turned politician) to one of the most dangerous places on earth.

With exceptional access to key players, Carol will engage with those on all sides to explore the legal and moral issues surrounding the ever growing drone debate.

The vocal widow turned activist will be filmed by Yacine Helali and Stephen Lee as she joins a peace caravan of drone victims, journalists, peace activists and lawyers on a march into Waziristan to discover for herself the physical and psychological impact on those we call 'The Approximate Target'.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) are used for surveillance and in tracking down insurgents in the current War on Terror.

A drone operator can lock onto a target viewed on a screen in the US and deliver a hellfire missile thousands of miles away to the tribal Areas of Pakistan.

Who are those termed as 'other' by the US military and what role does Britain and Pakistan play in today's drone warfare?

Produced by
  • Yacine Helali
  • Carol Grayson
Directed by
  • Carol Grayson
Sound Mixer
  • Steve lee
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