Ushering in a New Wave in Film Making

Homeless was a product of New Wave, a talent-finding filmmaking workshop aimed at nurturing both first-time and upcoming filmmakers.

Run by Veto Films, New Wave is driven by the the idea that creativity shouldn't be refrained by negativity or a perceived lack of opportunity.

Rather, New Wave is an empowering and supportive environment for all participants, whatever their abilities.

Yacine and Steve aim to boost people's confidence and technical skills in documentary filmmaking through hands-on story development, technical workshops and exciting shoots. 

This project took place during Spring 2012, and was funded by Newcastle University as part of their "Social renewal" activities.

The resulting films are being screened at various venues across the North East of England, both indoor and outdoor.

What is it like to live on the streets?

Directed by first-time filmmakers Sarunas Zaronaitis and Zeeshan Akram, Homeless is a touching portrait of Geordie lad Tony Young and what life is like for him on the streets of Newcastle upon Tyne.

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